Who? What? Why?

Cultural and Heritage Walks in Budapest, Hungary

Who are we?


Curios Miles Team are Budapest-loving locals and travel loving people

We bring you closer to the city and to the people than anybody else...

whose sole purpose is to introduce our beloved city to foreigners who want discover more of Budapest in an alternative way.

We believe that a ’personal touch’ provides unforgettable memories to visitors.

 Curious Miles was founded by...

the Creative mind who loves to research and investigate the stories behind.

the Practical mind who sets the direction and manages the business side of the company.

 Contributors to our Walks...

Artists who contribute with their talent to enrich your experience and knowledge.

Local shop owners and dwellers who let us look around and provided place.

'Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 What do we offer?

We will take you where no other tours take you, in surprising, awe-inspiring adventures through town and behind the scenes.

Open your senses for the curiousities, the delicacies, the treasures, the scenery. Let us lead your way, to get an other perspective, to get involved. Come to this journey to have an experience for a lifetime

We focus our attention is on rarely visited treasures, unique sights and specialities. 

We try to avoid mainstream tourist places instead we offer off-the-beaten track tours and insider stories and information.

Why Curious Miles?     

To have unique experience

To see behind the walls – listen to the stories the houses preserved.

To avoid: ’Darling, give ME the MAP!’ kind of difficulties

To leasurely walk and see the details

To enter places otherwise you couldn’t go to.

To avoid mass-tourism.

Because we provide you with knowledgeable and insider guidance

and professional care.

Our purpose is to make you come back again and again with friends, parents or children, and to be recommended to collegues and relatives.

Curiosart Partnership,

1136, Budapest, Raoul Wallenberg u. 2.

Tax No: 21462413-1-41